“A” is for Accountability – and journaling can help

Get Fit with Judy Troth

Get Fit with Judy Troth

We hear a lot about accountability these days; we want government to be accountable, companies to be accountable, agencies to be accountable. Our organizations and employers want us to be accountable. There might be accountability overload to the extent that accountability becomes a new four-letter word. We know we need it, we expect it from others, but we don’t want to hear about it! Let’s take a minute or two to think about accountability and how it relates to and can help in the wellness and fitness arena.
As we get to know our members, one thing we want to know is what could keep a person from accomplishing their fitness goals. Overwhelmingly, the answer is laziness (I’d call it a lack of motivation).
For some reason, there is not always enough internal motivation to keep a person on track to accomplish their goals. This is where accountability – with the correct motivation and emphasis – can be very helpful and maybe even essential to success.
One out of one new member lists weight loss as a major goal, but almost no one really has a handle on their eating habits. I would like to suggest that a lack of knowledge about that also points to a lack of personal accountability.
Each of us should know our dietary patterns, and journaling can be a critically important way to help us pin down what we eat, how much we eat, and what may need to be changed in order to live a healthier life. How can you change something if you don’t know what needs changing? Journaling, even if it is just for you to know, is a way to be accountable to yourself.
Also, if you have started on a pathway to a better lifestyle, you need to be aware of (1) where you are starting, so that (2) you will know if you are on track, and (3) you will know how far you have come.
Journaling, far from being another 4-letter word, should be the story of your success, the story of self-discovery, the discovery of triggers, patterns, and triumphs.
There is something powerful and uplifting to review a 6 month-old journal and realize where you were then and how far you have come.
Joining a class is another way to be accountable. Classes are amazing places; there is a bond between class members that is awesome. Everyone is moving in the direction of feeling better, moving better, gaining new skills.
The other thing is, once you are coming to class regularly, it’s hard to disappear without someone noticing. I have class regulars calling me to let me know they will be out. As an instructor, that’s incredibly encouraging, but also, when their classmates ask, “Where’s Sue?”, I know what’s become of Sue. Sue has become accountable to me and her classmates.
Wow. Maybe accountability’s not so bad after all!

Till next time …

Judy Troth has been the program coordinator at Spectrum Fitness Zachary for 8 years and teaches a variety of classes including: Group Power, Group Active, Silver Sneakers and Silver Sneakers Yoga. Contact her at 1326 Church Street, 225-654-3800.

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