Roadblocks, distractions & detours to your workout plan

Get Fit with Judy Troth

Get Fit with Judy Troth

Think back to your last trip- business or pleasure- did everything go smoothly, or were there things out of your control that seemed to get in the way of a perfect trip? How about cones and barrels in the roads? “Bridge out” signs that re-direct you, maybe to somewhere unfami liar? A dead battery, a flat tire, the world’s biggest ball of string? The fact is, like life in general, the journey toward a healthier lifestyle is filled with the same roadblocks, distractions and detours! The best thing is to understand that there will be bumps and halts along your journey and find a way to work with them.

Too often, people just starting on their journey set goals which no one new to exercise can meet. Think about it; a habit takes (really) about 60 days to form. If it’s been years since you had any kind of exercise program, it’s going to take time to re-establish the habit. Give yourself the time it takes to form the habits; there are no shortcuts. When did the last road trip shortcut you took pay off?

Put in a little time up front to plan how you will establish the exercise habit. A mistake I made years ago was thinking I could get my workout done at different times of day, say after work instead of before work. For me, that didn’t work at all, and I soon gave up that idea! You may be there too, trying too many things, too many different times. At least at first, try to exercise at the same time to help reinforce the habit.

I have seen many people over the years who were consistent exercisers until injuries or illnesses got in the way. Injuries (old or new) and illnesses (yours or someone else’s) also put up roadblocks and detours for many of us. Sometimes, it’s the process of aging that puts up barricades. As we get a little older, none of us will be able to do the things we did at 20; it’s time to listen to your body! One thing I’ve heard over and over again from the 40+ crowd is that the goal of exercise is more about how you feel; when your exercise habit is interrupted, you really do start to ache and just feel bad. Start again as soon as possible.

I suppose the point of all this is that life is going to constantly throw up roadblocks to our fitness journey. Find a way around them toward your goal. Life is going to present detours that make the journey longer. If you are still on the journey, embrace it – maybe it’s the better way. Life is also going to try to entice you with distractions; find a way to minimize those.

Till next time…… out for roadblocks!

Judy Troth has been the program coordinator at Spectrum Fitness Zachary for 8 years and teaches a variety of classes including: Group Power, Group Active, Silver Sneakers and Silver Sneakers Yoga. Contact her at 1326 Church Street, 225-654-3800.

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